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Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

My nasehat is toremind us all that we must have a strong understanding of, and a devotion to Islam. We must all beextremely grateful to have been gifted with guidance, or 'hidayah' from اللة. It is a rare gift from اللة; a sign that He loves and cares for us. For that, we must feel very lucky.
We must alsoremember that we, as Muslims, have only one main purpose in life - to worship اللة. This short life that we have now is merely a vessel, and our true destination lies after our death. However, what we do in this life will ultimately decide our fate in the Hereafter - it will decide whether we enter اللة's Paradise or Hell. It is for this reason that we must not let ourselves get caught up in the busyness and glamour of this world. We often see on social media, or on TV, the many celebrities or artists out there who seem to have it all - the perfect life, the perfect body, and huge fanbases that seem to love, support, and even obsess over every aspect of their lives. But in reality, there have been many examples of celebrities who've committed suicide or become depressed in spite of their seemingly successful careers. Becoming a millionaire, or famous, or pursuing things that seem enticing to our eyes (such as dedicating ourselves to our job until we forget about the Hereafter) are extremely deceiving pursuits that do not guarantee us happiness, or serve any purpose in helping us achieve admittance into Paradise. They are futile. We must never forget our one true goal in life - to uphold all of اللة's commands and avoid carrying out His prohibitions. There are many people outside of Jamaah and outside of Islam who are convinced that they have no purpose in life, thus, they spend their existence wasting away their body and their mind for the sake of 'experiencing life to the full'. They may dedicate themselves to things that seem good, such as traveling, or donating to charity, but inactuality, these people have no knowledge of Quran and Hadith, of اللة and the Hereafter. All their efforts and actions to maximise their life - both good and bad - are simply pointless. Things such as richness and fame do not last forever. We are not able to present the wealth or the status we had in the dunya to Allah as a legible way to enter His paradise. Instead, what does last forever is Paradise itself and our life within it, that is, if we are chosen to enter it. Therefore, we cannot be deceived by the outside world, we cannot be deceived by fame, or wealth, or power. Our last destination is the Hereafter, and we must never forget that.
Lastly, we mustremind ourselves that as the next generation, choosing our friends wisely isextremely important in preserving our iman. For young people growing up, ourfriends play vital roles in our lives; they are huge influences over our actions and character. Friends who are kind, who inspire our devotion to اللة and His Prophet, and who reminds us of practice of Islam are good and worthwhile friend whose company will bring many blessings. On the other hand, friendship based on materialistic and superficial reasons is only temporary, and is a trivial concern for this world and the Hereafter. We must always choose to surround ourselves with good and devoted companions, as they will motivate us to become better people, improve our character and manners, and increase our knowledge of Quran and Hadith. 
I would like to conclude my nasehat now. If I've made any mistakes, I apologise, and I hope you forgive me.

Alhamdulillah jaza kumullohu hoiroh

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